The 15th Tehran Machine Made Carpet Exhibition: A Resounding Success and Promising Prospects

The 15th Tehran Machine Made Carpet Exhibition:

The Tehran Machine Made Carpet Exhibition, recognized as the largest event in the field of machine carpets and floor coverings in Iran, marked its 15th edition from October 28 to 25, 2023, in Tehran, Iran. This milestone event has become a cornerstone for showcasing the latest products in the industry and celebrating the dynamism and efforts of craftsmen and specialists within the Iranian carpet industry.

This international exhibition attracted companies specializing in machine carpets, yarns and fibers, carpets, parquets, all types of flooring, as well as machines and parts related to the carpet industry. The 15th edition boasted the participation of 150 domestic and foreign companies, occupying a vast space of more than 18,000 square meters. International participants hailed from China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Türkiye.

The grand opening of the exhibition was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Abbas Aliabadi, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade of Iran, alongside the Director General of the Textiles and Clothing Office, and representatives of related organizations.

During his visit, Mr. Aliabadi engaged in candid discussions with the participating collections, gaining valuable insights into the industry’s latest developments and addressing existing challenges. He estimated the export of Iran’s machine-made carpets to reach $330 million in 2023, emphasizing significant exports to neighboring countries, Africa, Europe, China, and Turkey.

Regarding export challenges, Mr. Aliabadi expressed optimism, stating, “We still have the market of Afghanistan and Iraq in the export of machine carpets. Although we faced some export difficulties in the past months due to decisions by the Iraqi government, we hope for a prompt resolution.”

Mr. Gorgi, Director General of Textile Industries at the Ministry of Industry, highlighted positive trends in the carpet machinery sector. “We have experienced a 33% increase in machine imports compared to the previous year.”

Mr. Gorgi also addressed the stability in the supply chain and the positive growth in acrylic yarn production, foreseeing an increase in acrylic carpet production. He emphasized the domestic manufacturer’s success in attracting attention due to high-quality products in terms of both price and quality.

Looking ahead, he emphasized the potential for the machine carpet industry to reach up to one billion dollars in exports with proper support from the central bank.

Dawood Kashfi, the executive director of the exhibition organizer, expressed satisfaction with the event’s success, noting that over 95% of participants were content with the exhibition. Plans for the next year include expanding the exhibition with additional halls to meet exhibitors’ demands and ensure an even more comprehensive showcase of products.

This year’s exhibition also marked the introduction of sponsorships, with 15% of participants being selected as sponsors, fostering collaboration and understanding between 25 chosen companies.

The 15th Tehran Machine Made Carpet Exhibition stands as a testament to the resilience and growth potential of the Iranian carpet industry, promising a bright future for both local and international stakeholders.



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