Atelier Tapis Rouge’s Milan Showroom: Contemporary Elegance

Atelier Tapis Rouge
Atelier Tapis Rouge

In a notable expansion of the contemporary carpet landscape in Milan, Atelier Tapis Rouge unveils its premier single-brand showroom in the heart of Brera at via Borgonuovo 26. Rooted in the ancient Persian tradition, the carpet brand, founded by entrepreneur Aaron Meilech, blends classic craftsmanship with a contemporary design approach.

The collaboration with architect and designer Natalia Enze, now the design director of Atelier Tapis Rouge, led to the choice of Milan as the ideal location for their venture.

The new showroom, with its discreet charm, features marble flooring in neutral Milanese hues. Bathed in natural light from three street-facing windows, the interiors showcase a curated selection of contemporary carpet designs, reflecting Tapis Rouge’s expertise, commitment to quality craftsmanship, and dedication to aesthetic exploration.

Atelier Tapis Rouge

Natalia Enze remarked, “The urban fabric of the Brera district, to me, represents the many faces of Milan. The narrative that connects architecture belonging to different eras is coherent and harmonious. In my opinion, Milan has a dual nature; its interiority emerges, revealing itself on the surface only through its most hidden places. It is in this dialogue between inside and outside, between internal and external, that our research on creativity and dwelling practices finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration every day.”

The brand introduces itself to the Milanese audience, including architects, interior designers, design enthusiasts, and beauty connoisseurs, with an exhibition showcasing the creative diversity of its catalog. The display highlights various styles, finishes, and non-standard shapes.

Featured on the wall are designs like Tratto Magenta and Tratto Curvo by Natalia Enze, along with pieces from the Planet Earth Collection, such as Melting Glacier and River Flux by artist Margo Trushina, and Mysterious Moss. On the floor, Laser Venus by Natalia Enze takes center stage. The Milan showroom stocks an intriguing selection of the brand’s aesthetic codes and values, including Sonico Blue Notte, Googie, Bauhaus Terreno, Tratto Verde, Bauhaus Cielo, Breton Beige, and more.

Atelier Tapis Rouge


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