Belgium’s Export Performance Takes a Hit: Slips to Third Place in UK Rankings

Floor covering export

Belgium, a long-standing leader in flooring exports to the UK, has now fallen to the third position in the rankings.

Recent data from August reveals a significant drop in Belgian exports, down by 36% compared to the same period last year. The Netherlands has taken the top spot in terms of UK imports, although its total imports are still down by 4.9% compared to August last year, as reported by HMRC data analyzed by The Furnishing Report.

A notable resurgence in the carpet business is witnessed in Turkey, with its sales to the UK surging by an impressive 92%, reaching £13 million during August.

On a year-to-date basis, carpet imports have seen a 5.7% decrease, amounting to £607.4 million. The Netherlands contributed £166.6 million (-0.7%), Belgium fell to £120.8 million (-24%), while Turkey rose to £97.8 million, marking a substantial increase of 19%.


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