Carpet and Flooring Expo (CFE): Elevating Turkey’s Carpet Industry on the Global Stage

ilhan Ersozlu, CEO of Tuyap-cfe exhibition

In an exclusive interview with İlhan Ersözlü, CEO of Tüyap Fuarlar Yapım A.Ş., we explore the remarkable journey and vision that underpin the Carpet and Flooring Expo (CFE). This dynamic endeavor, born from collaboration with esteemed organizations such as the Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association (IHİB) and the Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Association (GAHİB), aspires to elevate Turkey, a global hub of carpet production, to the forefront of the carpet industry.

Renowned for its production prowess and innovative carpet designs, Turkey is not only primed to be an industry pioneer but also a significant player in international markets. CFE emerges as a pivotal platform to empower the Turkish carpet industry, driving global recognition, market expansion, and increased exports.

Transforming Turkey into the Global Carpet Industry Epicenter: The Vision of Tüyap and Partners

“We, at Tüyap, embarked on a mission in collaboration with the Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association (IHİB) and the Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Association (GAHİB) to position Turkey, the heart of global carpet production, as the epicenter of the carpet industry.

The Turkish carpet industry, known for its production capabilities and innovative designs, will not only take the lead in the global carpet industry but will also become a prominent hub for trade fairs. This fair is a significant step in supporting the Turkish carpet industry in claiming its rightful place in the world, expanding market share, and increasing the number of exporters.

Furthermore, we aim to become the world’s number one fair in its field within five years by providing the necessary support to large, medium, and small-scale carpet producers in Turkey. Leading carpet producers from various cities in Turkey, including Gaziantep, Istanbul, Uşak, Manisa, and Izmir, will participate. This fair will significantly boost tourism revenues by showcasing the strength of the Turkish carpet industry and attracting thousands of foreign visitors to Istanbul.”

Tüyap’s Other Events and Fairs

“On a national level, we will be participating in the Warsaw International Home Textile and Decoration Fair, scheduled for November 7-10, 2023. This event will exhibit upholstery, decorative fabrics, curtains, tulle, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen home textile products, as well as carpet products. It serves as a key gathering for professionals in the home textile and furniture industries and offers opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and business transactions with European buyers.

In the textile sector, we also organize the IGM and ITM Fairs every other year in cooperation with the International Istanbul Yarn Fair and Teknik Fuarcılık.”

Turkey’s Pioneering Role in the $17 Billion Global Carpet Market

“Turkey holds a 17 percent share in the global carpet market, valued at USD 17 billion. Thanks to its high production and import capacities, Turkey is well-positioned in both the machine-made and handmade carpet industry. During the first half of 2023, the industry generated USD 1 billion 280 million 888 thousand in revenues, exporting 291 million 373 thousand square meters of carpet. Turkish carpet producers have demonstrated exceptional success on a global scale, exporting to 185 countries. Gaziantep, a city with a significant presence in CFE, leads the way in carpet exports in Turkey, with a share reaching USD 856 million 30 thousand.

Iran’s Participation in the International Carpet Fair

“We aim to allocate exhibition space to all countries that wish to participate in the fair, including Iran. Iran, known for its global carpet production, is among the countries participating in the fair. The participation of each country enriches our event, and as CFE, we are proud to contribute to the growth of the carpet industry by welcoming participants from 17 countries.”

Istanbul: The Strategic Center for the Global Carpet and Flooring Fair

“By hosting this fair in Istanbul, a unique city with its strategic location in global trade routes, rich history, and natural beauty, we aim to establish Istanbul as the leading city for global carpet markets, shaping trends in the carpet and flooring industries. The fair will transform Istanbul into the international gathering place for the carpet industry. From now on, both Turkish and international carpet manufacturers will showcase their products in Istanbul.”

Carpet and Flooring Expo in Numbers

“We anticipate participation from more than 350 companies from Turkey and abroad in the fair. The event will span eight halls, covering a total area of 100 thousand square meters. Participants from 17 countries, including Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, and Kuwait, are expected.”

Carpet and Flooring Expo: Marketing Tactics and Anticipations

“We expect a high number of visitors, especially from America, Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavia. More than 20 thousand professional businesspeople from 52 countries are anticipated to visit the fair this year. Additionally, we believe that the fair will boost carpet exports from Turkey by 20-25 percent. We have ongoing marketing campaigns both within Turkey and internationally. Our extensive promotional activities encompass sector-specific press and media, billboards, web ads, and international outreach, especially in Europe, America, the MENA region, and sub-Saharan countries.”

Carpet and Flooring Expo: Unlocking Opportunities for Industry Professionals

“CFE offers industry players an ideal platform to generate interest in their products and influence visitors’ choices. The Carpet and Flooring Expo, aspiring to be the leading fair for the Turkish carpet industry worldwide, will welcome visitors at the Istanbul Expo Center from December 5-8.”



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