Carpet and Flooring Expo Unveils Exciting Opportunities at Istanbul Expo Center

Carpet and Flooring Expo Unveils Exciting Opportunities at Istanbul Expo Center

The highly anticipated Carpet and Flooring Expo (CFE) is set to make a grand entrance from December 5-8, 2023, at the Istanbul Expo Center. This event, orchestrated by the Tüyap Fair Group in collaboration with the Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association and the Southeast Anatolian Carpet Exporters’ Association, aims to elevate the Turkish carpet industry to new heights.

Showcasing a comprehensive range of products including handmade carpets, machine-made carpets, rugs, mats, prayer rugs, textile floor coverings, flexible floor coverings, laminate, wood, and parquet, CFE is positioned not only as a center for carpet trade but also as a pivotal hub for carpet production in Turkey.

The exhibition will not only feature traditional carpet offerings but also sectoral innovations, spanning natural stones, marble and ceramic tiles, artificial grass, sports floors, fibers, yarns, textile machinery and accessories, flooring equipment, cleaning, and application technologies.

Anticipating a significant turnout, particularly from America, Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavia, CFE has already garnered immense interest from across Turkey and various global regions. Notable countries expressing high participation demand include Iran, India, Belgium, Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Ilhan Ersozlu, General Manager of Tuyap Fairs

Ilhan Ersozlu, General Manager of Tuyap Fairs Production Inc., emphasized the exhibition’s role as a pivotal platform for showcasing sectoral innovations and establishing new business relations. He highlighted its potential to boost interest in industry players and products, leaving a lasting impact on visitor choices.

With approximately 350 participants expected from Turkey and around the globe, the expo will unfold across 100 thousand square meters in 8 expansive halls. Carpet and Flooring Expo, committed to advancing the success of the sector, is proceeding with its fair activities at full throttle.

Join CFE 2023 – Your Gateway to the Global Carpet and Flooring Industry

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5 Reasons to Make CFE 2023 a Priority on Your Agenda

1. Extraordinary Trade & Manufacturing Capabilities:
Explore the world-renowned Turkish carpet industry, recognized for its exceptional manufacturing capabilities. Meet powerful suppliers capable of fulfilling demands on a global scale.

2. Successful Carpet Export Performance:
Türkiye ranks second in global carpet exports, reflecting its pivotal role in the industry. CFE 2023 is your chance to engage with esteemed global contacts in the field.

3. Crossroads of Continents:
Leverage Türkiye’s strategic location, providing advantageous access to major markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

4. Different Product Groups, Numerous Styles, and Traditional Heritage:
Discover the diversity in style and product types offered by the Turkish carpet industry. Experience trendy designs, extraordinary materials, and a rich cultural heritage.

5. Strong Know-How in Both Carpet Industry and Organizing Trade Shows:
Benefit from the expertise of Tüyap Exhibitions Group, organizing CFE in collaboration with Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association and Southeast Anatolia Carpet Exporters’ Association. This cooperation ensures a platform for creating new business opportunities.

Bonus Reason: Explore Istanbul!
CFE 2023 not only brings you to the forefront of global trade but also offers the chance to explore Istanbul – a city where continents meet. Immerse yourself in stunning architecture, rich history, and an authentic atmosphere, creating unforgettable moments.



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