Domotex Hannover 2024: A Showcase of Flooring Trends and Global Connections

Domotex Hannover 2024 A Showcase of Flooring Trends

Domotex, the internationally renowned trade fair dedicated to flooring, concluded its 2024 edition in Hannover, Germany, from January 11th to 14th. With over 1,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries, the event served as a global platform for the flooring industry to present cutting-edge products, trends, and innovations.

Drawing approximately 18,000 visitors from 140 countries, Domotex Hannover maintained its status as a pivotal gathering for decision-makers in the flooring sector. The trade fair is divided into two distinct worlds – Carpets & Rugs and Flooring – with an impressive 80% share of decision-makers among its exhibitors.

Among the key statistics from the event, 71% of visitors hailed from abroad. Europe dominated the international presence with 65%, followed by Asia with 18%, America with 9%, the Middle East with 4%, and Africa and Australia contributing 4%.

For many participants, Domotex is a cornerstone event in their business calendars. The trade fair offers a unique opportunity to establish and strengthen global business connections, fostering relationships with customers and agents on an international scale. Exhibitors leverage the platform to showcase their latest innovations and explore emerging trends within the industry.

In 2024, the carpet industry took center stage at Domotex, reflecting evolving consumer preferences. Sustainability, innovation in materials, and a heightened focus on health and wellness were prominent themes. Carpets made from eco-friendly materials, designed to enhance durability, garnered significant attention.

Industry experts anticipate that sustainability and technological advancements will continue to shape the trajectory of the carpet industry. As consumers increasingly prioritize environmentally conscious choices, the flooring sector is responding with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and materials.

Domotex Hannover 2024 A Showcase of Flooring Trends

While noting a slight decrease in visitor turnout compared to the previous year, exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the quality of engagements at Domotex Hannover 2024. Emphasizing that quality triumphs over quantity, exhibitors highlighted the value of productive meetings and meaningful connections. The sentiment echoed by participants underscores the significance of Domotex as a vital platform for knowledge exchange and business development within the global flooring community.

In conclusion, despite the evolving landscape of trade fairs and exhibitions, Domotex Hannover remains a crucial hub for the flooring industry, setting the stage for collaborative efforts, innovative showcases, and discussions that drive the sector forward. The commitment to supporting Domotex on an annual basis reflects the industry’s recognition of its enduring value as a nexus for global business in flooring.


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