Unlocking Opportunities: Domotex Middle East and the Iranian Carpet Industry

Domotex Middle East and the Iranian Carpet Industry

In the bustling landscape of the global carpet and flooring industry, the upcoming Domotex Middle East exhibition looms large as a beacon of opportunity, particularly for Iranian companies. As anticipation mounts for this prestigious event, we sat down with Mr. Morteza Soudaei, Managing Director of Zartosht Carpet Company, a leading player in the Iranian carpet sector. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Soudaei provides invaluable insights into the factors driving optimism for Domotex Middle East and the transformative potential it holds for Iranian companies seeking to expand their market reach and competitiveness on the world stage.

  • What makes you believe that Domotex Middle East has the potential to be a successful event in the carpet and flooring industry in the region?

The likelihood of success for the Domotex exhibition is high for several reasons, particularly for Iranian companies. The significant presence of Iranian carpet manufacturers at the exhibition suggests promising outcomes. Given that the UAE and surrounding Arab nations serve as crucial export markets for Iranian carpets, their cultural affinity and aesthetic alignment render them prime destinations for Iranian carpet products.

  • How does Dubai’s strategic location contribute to the success of Domotex Middle East?

Dubai’s strategic nexus and world-class infrastructure render it an optimal venue for trade expositions. With Emirates Airlines facilitating seamless international connectivity, Dubai emerges as an unrivaled epicenter for commercial engagement. This strategic advantage enhances accessibility and fosters commercial engagement, thereby bolstering the potential success of Domotex exhibition.

  • What opportunities does Domotex Middle East offer Iranian companies in terms of market access and expansion?

Participation in the Dubai exhibition affords Iranian companies an unprecedented platform to interface with a diverse spectrum of buyers and clientele from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and beyond, exponentially expanding their market outreach. Furthermore, showcasing products in a market poised for Iranian carpet purchases is a distinct advantage, offering Iranian companies a gateway to tap into new markets and drive growth.

  • How has the evolution of Iranian companies contributed to their competitiveness on the global stage?

In recent years, Iranian companies have witnessed remarkable growth in knowledge, confidence, and professionalism, attributed to active participation in international events. This enhanced market understanding, coupled with refined marketing strategies and professional client engagement protocols, has engendered heightened trust among foreign buyers, thereby catalyzing heightened interest in Iranian carpets and manufacturing enterprises.

  • In conclusion, what are your expectations for Domotex Middle East?

I express unwavering optimism that Domotex Middle East will transcend prior benchmarks, underscoring the progressive trajectory of Iranian firms and their ascendancy onto the global stage of competitiveness. As Domotex approaches, Iranian exhibitors stand poised to capitalize on this unparalleled opportunity for growth and expansion in the international carpet market.

As our conversation with Mr. Soudaei draws to a close, it is evident that Domotex Middle East stands poised to catalyze significant advancements in the Iranian carpet industry. With its strategic location, extensive market access opportunities, and the evolving prowess of Iranian companies, the stage is set for Domotex exhibition to be a resounding success. As Iranian exhibitors gear up to showcase their finest offerings, the industry eagerly anticipates the dawn of a new era marked by growth, innovation, and international acclaim.


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