Exploring New Horizons: Second International Symposium on Iranian Carpet Exports

Exploring New Horizons: Second International Symposium on Iranian Carpet Exports

The second international symposium on the export of Iranian carpets, with a particular focus on machine-made carpets, was held on October 25, 2023.

Distinguished Iranian companies and renowned brands, along with representatives from countries with substantial potential for the export of Iranian carpets, were in attendance at this symposium. Mr. Seraj, the secretary of the symposium, shared insights with Kohan Textile Journal, saying, “This year, by inviting key individuals and economic advisors from target countries, we successfully fostered strong business connections between machine carpet manufacturers and international traders.”

In the initial phase, the symposium focused on the Balkan countries. Bosnia, Slovenia, and Serbia, being in proximity to the European Union but not Schengen members, offer simplified and practical business opportunities. Moreover, they are not subject to the sensitivities associated with the European Union’s sanctions and visa-related matters.

The subsequent area of focus was South America, specifically Mexico and Bolivia, which have received relatively less attention. However, South America, with its substantial population and the ease of trade with the United States, should be recognized as one of the world’s largest markets for machine-made carpets.

Additionally, strategic relations were established with West African nations, Nigeria and Ivory Coast, where a population exceeding 600 million presents a significant market. Geographically, this region serves as the final port in the Caribbean for exports to American markets.

The ASEAN region also received attention, with particular emphasis on Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brunei, which collectively represent a market of 500 million people.

In pursuit of this year’s objectives, the Carpet Export Acceleration Center was established, operating in two spheres: online and offline carpet sales. For offline sales, permanent offices and showrooms have been established in Iraq and Nigeria, with preparations underway to open offices in Bosnia and the Philippines in Manila shortly.

Mr. Siraj stressed the necessity for a substantial advancement in machine-made carpet exports, stating, “To this end, we engaged in negotiations with the world’s two largest retail brands, boasting more than 20,000 retail branches worldwide. We are optimistic about achieving favorable outcomes. In the online domain, we are on the verge of launching a platform where companies can introduce and sell their products online.”

The secretary of the second international symposium on machine-made carpet exports underlined the importance of entrusting the future of Iran’s machine-made carpet industry to young managers and the second and third generations in this field. He introduced a special award named “New Ideas,” dedicated to young managers and the second and third-generation leaders of the industry. He stressed the significance of education, expressing hope for positive outcomes within the symposium’s five-year plan.

Iranian brands participating in this symposium included:
Suleiman Carpet
Beheshti Carpet
Shahrokh Carpet
Farshineh Carpet
Etminan Carpet
Mahestan Carpet
Sorena Carpet
Vozara Carpet
Almas Kavir Carpet
Mashhad Ardahal Carpet
Shahr Farsh


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