Export of Iranian Machine-Made Carpets Growing

Export of Iranian Machine-Made Carpets Growing

The export of Iranian machine-made carpets has registered an 11.5 percent rise in the first six months of the current Iranian year compared to the corresponding period last year, an official said.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Mahdi Baradaran hailed Iran’s machine-made carpet industry as one of the privileged sectors in the international level.

He noted that the central city of Kashan is a main hub of producing machine-made carpets with around 1,000 industrial and production units.

The deputy minister put the annual production capacity of machine-made carpets in Iran at 90 million square meters, the major part of which he said are exported.

Pointing to the export of $330 million in machine-made Iranian carpets in 2022, Baradaran said Iran’s high-quality products have customers from the neighboring states, China and Europe.

The US has imposed economic sanctions against Iran for over 40 years and the trade barriers have created problems for Iranian businesses.

The import and export sector is among the most affected, including in some unusual areas such as the carpet industry.


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