Freudenberg Expands ECO Range to Enhance Sustainable Carpet Backings


Freudenberg Performance Materials (Freudenberg) continues its commitment to sustainability by extending its ECO range of nonwoven carpet backings. The newly introduced Lutradur ECO-R and Colback ECO-R backings are crafted with a significant proportion of recycled raw materials, reinforcing Freudenberg’s dedication to supporting carpet manufacturers in their journey towards offering more sustainable products.

ECO-R Products: Elevated Sustainability for Diverse Applications

Freudenberg’s spunbond nonwoven primary and secondary carpet backings have long been known for enhancing manufacturers’ production efficiency and delivering high-performance end products.

The company is now expanding its ECO range in Europe with the introduction of Colback ECO-R and Lutradur ECO-R backings, boasting recycled content ranging from 51% to 90%. By substituting virgin raw materials with recycled polyester, these ECO-R backings contribute to resource conservation and a reduced carbon footprint in the final products.

Specifically designed for carpet tiles, broadloom, dust control mats, and automotive option mats, the ECO-R series aligns with Freudenberg’s commitment to versatile sustainability.

ECO-RE Products: Resource Efficiency and Recyclability

Earlier this year, Freudenberg unveiled its ECO-RE resource-efficient backings as part of the ECO range, emphasizing reduced raw material usage and enhanced end product recyclability. This innovation was made possible through advancements in the company’s proprietary yarn production technology, allowing for the creation of extremely thin filaments.

Comprehensive ECO Range: Tailored Solutions for Sustainable Choices

Albert Hammerschmied, Director for EMEA carpet business with responsibility for New Business Development and Sustainability, remarks, “With the extended ECO range, Freudenberg now offers a variety of different solutions supporting carpet manufacturers in making sustainable choices to suit their ambitions and processes.” Freudenberg, with its longstanding history as a supplier to the industry, continues to collaborate closely with industry partners, resulting in continuous advancements like the development of backings with recycled content.

Global Impact: CO2 Savings through Localized Production

Freudenberg’s commitment to sustainability transcends borders, as the company manufactures carpet backings with recycled content in Europe, North America, and China. This strategic approach not only ensures high-quality products but also enables customers to optimize their CO2 footprint by leveraging short transportation routes within their respective world regions.


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