ICOC XV Istanbul news

ICOC Istanbul news

The International Conference on Oriental Carpets, ICOC-XV, will be held in Istanbul from 6-9 June 2024 with wonderful exhibitions, a full carpet fair with international dealers, a robust academic program, and both pre-and post-conference tours. The event will take place in The Marmara, Taksim and buses will be scheduled from the main venue to the museums in Sultanahmet.

Academic program

ICOC Academic Committee has announced a call for papers (pdf) with deadline for proposals 24 February 2024. The Academic Sessions will be held 7- 8 June 2024 at The Marmara, Taksim. The schedule of the talks will be ready in April 2024.

ICOC-XV Academic Committee members include Alberto Boralevi, Chair (Italy), Gulcin Aksoy (Türkiye), Udo Hirsch (Türkiye and Germany), Reyhan Polat (Türkiye). Wendel Swan (USA), Ali Riza Tuna (Switzerland) and Markus Voigt (Germany).


An exhibition of the TIEM Collection. A committee has selected 118 items. The museum management is also preparing to hold an exhibition of kilims from the TIEM inventory. Most of the pieces on display will be new to visitors to ICOC XV.
There will be an exhibition of Karma kilims from private collections. The location will be announced after receiving confirmation from the Ministry.
The committee wants to focus on “weaving” as technology and design: an exhibition of small pieces such as bags, saddles and other fabrics will be displayed in the Lounge area of the retailer’s exhibition pavilion.

Dealer’s Fair

Dealer’s Fair will be opening 6 June 2024 and will proceed until 9 June 2024 at The Marmara, Taksim

Pre- and post-conference tours

The pre-conference tour will begin in Ankara continuing to Sultanhani, Konya and Cappadocia. It will cover both Ankara and the Konya Vakiflar Museum, a special exhibition will be organized at the Sultanhani Caravanserai with the support of the city mayor.
The post-conference tour will be in Western Anatolia starting from 9 June to reach the long-awaited Arkas Museum and then continue to the weaving workshops of Bergama and the popular cultural heritage of Ephesus.


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