Interface and Nora: Your Ultimate Single Source for Sustainable Flooring Solutions

Interface and Nora Your Source for Sustainable Flooring Solutions

Interface Inc., a global leader in flooring solutions headquartered in Atlanta, USA, is revolutionizing the flooring industry with its comprehensive range of CO2-neutral modular carpet tiles, resilient floor coverings, and rubber floorings under the brand name nora. This collaboration positions Interface and nora as your single-source providers, offering an unparalleled opportunity to cover every area of your building.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

As a market leader in the rubber flooring segment, nora by Interface is renowned for developing and producing premium-quality flooring solutions trusted by architects, principals, end-users, and installers worldwide. The flooring portfolio caters to diverse needs, from classrooms and conference rooms to retail spaces, public areas, laboratories, and operating theaters.

The PVC-free rubber floor coverings from nora are crafted using a cutting-edge manufacturing process that combines high-quality natural and industrial rubber with naturally sourced minerals and color pigments. Notably, the rubber used is PEFC certified, sourced sustainably from managed forests under humane working conditions. The result is a dense, non-porous surface with excellent ergonomic properties, reduced footfall sound, and adherence to the strictest fire protection criteria.

Carbon Neutral Enterprise

Interface proudly stands as a carbon-neutral enterprise, extending this commitment to its products. Certified in accordance with the PAS 2060 standard, Interface is the first and only floor covering manufacturer to achieve carbon neutrality from Scope 1 to 3. The goal is to become a carbon-negative enterprise by 2040.

Interface and Nora Your Source for Sustainable Flooring Solutions

All Interface floor coverings, including nora rubber floor coverings, follow a holistic approach, considering the entire product life cycle to achieve carbon neutrality. The company offers certificates to prove the carbon neutrality of nora floor coverings in your building.

Circular Economy Initiatives

Interface is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact by striving for circularity in product life cycles. The company actively pursues reuse and recycling initiatives to contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Explore the Product Lines

Interface’s product lines, including norament, noraplan, noracare, and special floorings, provide a practical synthesis of design, functionality, and environmental-friendliness. From norament’s robustness for industrial spaces to noraplan’s unlimited creativity, and noracare’s recyclable solutions with innovative surface technology, Interface has the perfect flooring solution for diverse needs.

Interface and Nora Your Source for Sustainable Flooring Solutions

In addition to the standard product lines, nora offers special floor coverings designed for areas with unique technical standards, including acoustic coverings, electrostatically dissipative and conductive floorings, solutions for ice rinks, horse stables, and golf facilities. The comprehensive range includes removable floor coverings, quick installation systems, stairway solutions, and a wealth of accessories and installation materials.


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