Iranian Carpet Industry Dominates at DOMOTEX Middle East Exhibition

amir entezari-almas kavrir-domotex middle east

The DOMOTEX Middle East exhibition witnessed a significant presence of Iranian companies, comprising approximately 70% of the event, according to Mr. Amir Hossein entezari the commercial manager of Almas Kavir Kerman Carpet Company. This robust representation underscores the strong cohesion among Iranian businesses and presents a unique advantage in the market.

In contrast to previous exhibitions where Turkish companies held sway, the Domotex Middle east offered a specialized platform catering specifically to customers seeking Iranian carpets. This targeted approach attracted visitors from various countries, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and India, drawn by the UAE’s status as a regional hub.

“The accessibility of the UAE, coupled with extensive flight connections, ensured a diverse and substantial turnout at the exhibition,” remarked Mr. Entezari. “It provided an unparalleled opportunity for Iranian companies to showcase their products to a global audience.”

Iranian companies showcased their expertise in classic and traditional carpet categories, particularly excelling in silk carpets, which have gained significant traction in the competitive market of the region. However, despite these successes, Iranian handmade carpets face challenges due to their higher pricing compared to products from countries like India, Pakistan, and China.

The DOMOTEX Middle East exhibition served as a testament to the Iranian carpet industry’s resilience and innovation, reaffirming its position as a dominant force in the global market. With ongoing efforts to address competitive challenges, Iranian businesses remain poised to capitalize on future opportunities and maintain their leading position in the industry.


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