Iranian Carpet Industry Looks to Domotex Middle East for Global Exposure

Iranian Carpet Industry Looks to Domotex Middle East for Global Exposure

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Monzavizadeh from Solomon Carpet, the challenges and opportunities facing Iranian carpet manufacturers were discussed against the backdrop of the upcoming Domotex Middle East exhibition in Dubai.

Due to prevailing conditions in Iran, hosting international exhibitions domestically is not feasible. However, events like Domotex Middle East provide a crucial platform for Iranian companies to showcase their products to a global audience and attract buyers from diverse regions.

The UAE, renowned for its international business hub status, coupled with Domotex Middle East’s reputation in the carpet and floor covering industry, presents a compelling opportunity for Iranian carpet manufacturers to expand their market reach and drive export sales.

Despite facing sanctions and various obstacles, Iranian carpet companies have demonstrated resilience and innovation, leading to increased sales of machine-made carpets. Creative designs and product innovation have played a pivotal role in attracting customers amidst challenging circumstances.

However, the hand-woven carpet sector in Iran has experienced a decline in production due to diminishing support from the government. The decrease in weavers and traders has impacted exports, necessitating urgent intervention to revitalize this traditional industry.

The interview underscored the importance of exhibitions like Domotex Middle East in providing a lifeline for Iranian carpet manufacturers, offering a platform to showcase their craftsmanship and creativity on a global stage.


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