Iranian Museum Flaunts Exquisite Carpets

Iranian Museum Flaunts Exquisite Carpets

The Carpet Museum of Iran, with its dazzling beauty, is one of the tourist spots located in the Iranian capital, Tehran. The museum was founded in 1976 for research purposes on the records, developments and historical quality of Iranian carpets as an art and industry.

Occasional exhibitions are held in the museum premises to display hand-woven carpets from Iran and other parts of the world. The name might be misleading, as the museum showcases a type of flat tapestry-woven handicraft, called kilim, as well.

The two-story building of the museum is an impressive piece of architecture, the exterior of which resembles a carpet-weaving frame. You can find a plethora of hand-woven rugs, carpets, and kilims in different colors, designs, and weaving patterns in the museum.

It is home to an invaluable collection of carports from the 13th century onwards and is considered a rich research resource for researchers and art lovers.

About 135 pieces of masterpieces of Iranian carpets, woven by top-notch carpet weaving artists from Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Khorassan, Kordestan, and many other Iranian cities are exhibited in the hall on the ground floor.


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