Last but not Least, a Real WOW Update on the Heimtextil “Carpets & Rugs Segment”

selecting carpet

And finally, we’re thrilled to share an exciting update regarding our new product segment, “Carpets & Rugs.”

We are delighted to reveal that our roster of exhibitors now exceeds 90, with the recent confirmation of participation from two new exhibitors: Ragolle Rugs from Belgium and Merinos Hali San from Turkey!

With the dawn of a new year, we’re ushering in new business opportunities at the upcoming Heimtextil event. In just a matter of months, over 90 exhibitors have already expressed strong interest in joining the vibrant Carpets & Rugs product segment, which spans an entire hall level. Promising participation from even more exhibitors is on the horizon. The enthusiastic response has crossed international borders, with commitments from countries including Egypt, Bangladesh, China, Greece, India, Italy, and Turkey. With the next edition, Heimtextil is set to further expand its global range of home and household textiles.

As of now, more than 90 international manufacturers specializing in fitted, hand-woven, custom-made, or machine-woven carpets, mats, runners, and rugs are gearing up to showcase their latest collections, materials, and textures on Hall Level 5.1 at the next Heimtextil. Expect the participation of additional manufacturers who are equally eager to take part. Heimtextil is thus enriching its already extensive product portfolio in the home and contract textiles industry, catering to the high market demand and providing added value for numerous top buyers.

“The substantial number of new exhibitors underscores the positive reception of our Carpets & Rugs product segment’s launch, offering buyers the opportunity to connect with fresh suppliers. This addition elevates Heimtextil’s role as a diverse and comprehensive business platform,” states Bettina Bär, Director of Heimtextil for the home textiles segment.

In the brand-new Carpets & Rugs product segment, buyers and decision-makers in furniture stores, carpet trade, home improvement stores, and DIY specialty stores will be immersed in the diverse world of hand-woven rugs. The roster of exhibitors includes renowned Indian manufacturers such as Rugs Inc, Mittal International, The Rug Republic, Sarla Handicrafts, and the new addition, Harkom Setabganj from Bangladesh. India introduces other new exhibitors like Flora International, Heritage Overseas, Rugs in Style, and Vini Decor. Also, not to be missed are coir floor mat manufacturers with their functional and non-slip designs, including Classic Coir Factory, Floor Decor, Fibre World, and the newly joined Tufko from India.

The focus also extends to manufacturers of machine-woven carpets, known for their durable designs and precision technology usage. Exhibitors in this category feature Egypt’s Oriental Weavers Group (Oriental Weavers, Mac Carpet, Egyptian Fibres Company), Merinos Hali San from Turkey, Nikotex Carpets from Greece, and Italian manufacturers Fini Cop and Royaltex.

Aditya Gupta, Founder of The Rug Republic, shares his enthusiasm: “We return to Heimtextil with high expectations – and are sure they will be exceeded with the launch of Carpets & Rugs. The opening is a great occasion to present for the first time our new sustainable handmade indoor and outdoor product collections in both high-volume and retail quantities. Thanks to the high internationality of Heimtextil and the attraction of the new area, we look forward to new global contacts with influential buyers.”


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