Merinos Halı Mobilya Makes Grand Debut at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR

Merinos Halı Mobilya Makes Grand Debut at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR

Merinos Halı Mobilya, renowned as one of Turkey’s premier carpet manufacturers, is set to make its mark at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR, a leading industry event. Excitement abounds within the company as they prepare to showcase their diverse range of products, including the latest color trends, innovative designs, and sustainable rugs tailored to customers from around the globe.

In anticipation of their inaugural participation at DOMOTEX Asia, Mehmet Erdemoglu, Member of the Board, expressed the company’s enthusiasm, stating, “We are really excited to participate for the first time in DOMOTEX Asia, one of the significant meeting points of our industry. We will exhibit a large variety of different products consisting of the latest color trends, revolutionary designs, and sustainable rugs for our customers from different nations. We welcome our visitors with a mission that aims for continuous growth through strong collaborations and an innovative approach. We are looking forward to meeting the global flooring community together once again in 2024.”

Merinos Halı Mobilya Makes Grand Debut at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR.

Merinos traces its origins back to 1970 when Mehmet Erdemoğlu and his family initiated production activities with just two kilim weaving looms. Since then, the company has experienced exponential growth, particularly with the commencement of yarn production in 1992, a development that propelled them forward at an accelerated pace.

Today, Merinos stands proud as a global leader in the carpet sector, boasting integrated facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to excellence is further underscored by their presence among Turkey’s top 500 industrial enterprises and their distinction as the export champion in long carpets, reaching 78 countries across all five continents.

Merinos’s reputation for quality is not limited to its products but extends to its status as the first brand in the carpet sector to be recognized by Turquality, an international branding program. Their proactive approach to market dynamics, balanced sales strategies, and unwavering commitment to innovation have solidified their position as pioneers in the industry.

With an unwavering dedication to societal welfare and a focus on contributing to the national economy, Merinos is not just a global brand but a beacon of excellence in the Turkish manufacturing landscape. As they embark on their journey at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR, Merinos is poised to leave an indelible mark on the international flooring community.


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