Milat Hali: Pioneering Turkish Company Expands Global Footprint in Machine-Made Carpets

milat hali factory

The deal, brokered by Roozbeh Moravej, who has spent a lifetime in various areas of the carpet industry was negotiated over 15 months of intense negotiations between 2022 and 2023.

Milat Hali stands as one of Turkey’s powerhouses in the production and export of machine-made carpets, boasting a legacy rooted in generations of knowledge within the Kaplan family. In recent years, this formidable company has successfully transcended Turkey’s borders, making its mark on the global stage.

With extensive exports to destinations across the world, notably capturing the attention of large markets such as the United States and Saudi Arabia, Milat Hali has taken a strategic step by establishing multiple factories in foreign countries. This bold move has not only accelerated the pace of exports but has also enhanced its influence in international markets.

In its most recent venture beyond Turkey’s borders, Milat Hali has acquired 14 state-of-the-art machine carpet weaving machines from Prado Company in Egypt. With the establishment of the new Milat Carpet Company in Egypt, the company has embarked on production in the African continent, particularly in the realm of Oriental Weavers.

The company’s managing director shared the vision behind this expansion, emphasizing the objective to provide seamless access to global markets, including the Middle East and Africa. This strategic move is aimed at broadening the scope of the company’s product range. He stated, “We will continue our investments in the production sector. After establishing a new factory in Bulgaria following our Turkish operations, we embarked on a new journey in 2023 by procuring 14 machine carpet weaving machines in Egypt and launching Milat Hali Egypt. These initiatives not only enhance our flexibility in catering to customer needs but have also led to a rapid expansion of our product portfolio.”

milat hali-prado company deal-1
From Right to Left: Mr. Hossein Erdam (Milat Hali Company) – Roozbeh Moravej – Ahmed Al Egizi and Hossein Al Egizi (Prado Company) – Mr. Iskandar Kaplan (Milat Hali Company) in Cairo

It’s noteworthy that Milat Hali’s investment beyond Turkish borders represents one of the most significant endeavors by a Turkish company in the carpet and flooring industry. The company’s dynamic approach and commitment to innovation have propelled it to a position of global prominence. As the legacy continues, Milat Hali is not only enriching its product line but also strengthening its footprint across the international arena, solidifying its status as a leader in the machine-made carpet industry.


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