Missed Opportunity for Iran: Domotex Middle East Shifts from Tehran to Dubai

Missed Opportunity for Iran: Domotex Middle East Shifts from Tehran to Dubai

In a recent twist in the narrative of the Iranian carpet industry, Ali Farhi, a distinguished personality in machine carpet manufacturing and the head of the Kashan Machine Carpet Manufacturers Association, has expressed regret over a significant missed opportunity for Iran to establish the Middle East Domotex brand in Tehran. Despite the flourishing domestic market for hand-woven and machine-made carpets, Iranian companies have actively sought to bolster their global presence through participation in international exhibitions.

Iran, renowned for its rich heritage in crafting both hand-woven and machine-made carpets, supports millions of livelihoods within the industry. However, the market’s competitiveness has escalated due to fierce competition among over 700 manufacturing companies armed with cutting-edge technology.

In response, Iranian companies have strategically directed their focus towards global exhibitions in the carpet and flooring industry. Many have secured exhibition spaces at Domotex events held in various countries, including Germany, China, Turkey, and others.

Recent years have witnessed heightened political tensions and visa issuance challenges for Turkish companies at the Domotex Hannover. In response, Turkish carpet manufacturing associations and companies boycotted the Domotex Hannover, organizing a significant independent exhibition in Istanbul (CFE). Subsequently, Domotex decided to relocate from Turkey to Dubai, leading to the establishment of Domotex Middle East.

Ali Farhi, representing the Iranian machine-made carpet industry, disclosed the strenuous efforts made by the Kashan Association to persuade Domotex to host the Middle East event in Tehran. Unfortunately, the proposal faced rejection from the German company, citing insufficient infrastructure in Tehran and ongoing political tensions between Iran and Germany as primary obstacles.

Expressing disappointment, Ali Farhi highlighted Iran’s robust production capabilities in carpets while underscoring the challenges posed by political and economic sanctions. He lamented that these sanctions significantly curtail Iran’s machine-made carpet exports, potentially denying the country billions of dollars in revenue.


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