OBJECT CARPET: A Green Appearance on the Red Carpet

OBJECT CARPET A Green Appearance on the Red Carpet

OBJECT CARPET revolutionizes the Berlinale 2024 with the sustainable DUO carpet! While Berlin will once again be transformed into a glittering film festival from February 15 to 25, OBJECT CARPET is writing a very special success story on the Red Carpet this year. As a proud sponsor of the Berlinale 2024, we are presenting the DUO-Carpet, a real gamechanger that not only impresses Hollywood stars and film fans, but also raises our ecological awareness in a sustainable way.

A red carpet with a green claim

The “greenest red carpet in the world” is no longer an empty promise. With the DUO carpet, OBJECT CARPET presents a sustainable innovation – the red Berlinale carpet not only stands out with its bold special “traffic red” color, but also with its unique composition of just two materials: polyester and polyamide (recycled ECONYL® yarn). This innovative carpet construction enables easy recycling without a great deal of material separation effort and thus sets new standards in terms of sustainability.

Designed for endless Life

OBJECT CARPET A Green Appearance on the Red Carpet

What makes DUO so special? The answer lies in its simplicity and environmental friendliness. In contrast to conventional carpets, which can consist of over 30 different materials, DUO uses just two materials. The materials are joined by an innovative HOTMELT adhesive, which simply dissolves during the recycling process through the targeted application of heat. This CLICK/UNCLICK technology makes it easy to separate the materials after each usage cycle without any loss of quality.


R2R production cycle for complete recycling

Together with yarn supplier Aquafil, OBJECT CARPET relies on a “Regenerate to be Regenerable” production cycle. DUO carpets are given the “R2R” label during production, which ensures that a carpet is recognized as recyclable at the end of its life cycle. The recycling process is carried out using targeted heat, which separates the two materials. In a regeneration process, both materials are made usable again and flow back into the production cycle for new carpets at the suppliers.

An impressive ecological balance sheet

OBJECT CARPET A Green Appearance on the Red Carpet


The Berlinale carpets in vibrant “traffic red” not only impress with their revolutionary recyclability, but also with other ecological features. The substructure is made of polyester, while the top side is still made of ECONYL® fibers, which are produced from 100% recycled polyamide. The coating process with DUO causes no harmful emissions, saves 95% energy and uses no water. Conclusion: A sustainable appearance with style!

A Carpet for Eternity

DUO carpets are not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely robust and highly durable. With approx. 50% less weight and easy handling during installation, they also set new standards in practice. OBJECT CARPET is pursuing the goal of offering only recyclable carpets made from one or two materials by 2026. “Designed for endless life” is the credo that is reflected in every aspect of DUO carpets.

With the DUO carpet, OBJECT CARPET proves that sustainable design and stylish elegance can go hand in hand. The Berlinale 2024 will not only shine with its film stars, but also with a sustainable red carpet that points the way to a greener future. We look forward to witnessing this groundbreaking development on the Red Carpet and are excited to see more innovative steps towards an eco-friendly future.


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