Oriental Weavers Group Shines at Domotex 2024 with Eco-Conscious Innovations

Oriental Weavers Group Shines at Domotex 2024 with Eco-Conscious Innovations

Renowned for its legacy in the world of carpets and rugs, the Oriental Weavers Group took center stage at the 35th edition of the Domotex Hannover Exhibition, showcasing a legacy of excellence dating back to its founding in 1979 by industrialist and entrepreneur Mohammed Farid Khamis. With a remarkable journey from a single loom operation to becoming the largest producer of machine-woven carpets globally, the Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation.

Listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) since 1997, the Oriental Weavers Group draws inspiration from Egypt’s rich textile heritage, dating back to c.5000 BC. Today, it proudly stands as the global leader in tufted and jet-printed rugs and carpets.

At Domotex 2024, the Oriental Weavers Group seized the opportunity to exhibit groundbreaking innovations, reinforcing its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of carpets and rugs. Aligned with the event’s theme, ‘Floored by Nature,’ the display echoed the Group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge innovation.

The showcased eco-conscious rugs and carpets, crafted from renewable materials, exemplify the Oriental Weavers Group’s dedication to clean energy practices across its operations and product range. The exhibition also featured an extensive array of collections that transcend modern and traditional design boundaries, including indoor/outdoor rugs, Goblin tapestries, and rugs crafted from recycled yarn.

Expressing gratitude to all visitors who shared in the passion for environmentally conscious flooring solutions, the Oriental Weavers Group emphasized that their enthusiasm fuels the commitment to creating a greener future. Anticipating the future, the Group looks forward to Domotex 2025, where innovation and sustainability will once again take center stage.


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