Saurer Unveils BD 480 Plus: Elevating Smart Solutions in Yarn Processing

Saurer Unveils BD 480 Plus: Elevating Smart Solutions in Yarn Processing

Saurer, a world-renowned technology company at the forefront of fiber and yarn processing innovations, proudly introduces an enhanced version of its BD 480 Plus semi-automatic rotor spinning machine, now equipped with an automatic doffer for seamless package change.

The BD line has long been recognized as the industry benchmark for sustainable spinning, particularly in recycling and waste spinning applications. The addition of automatic doffer units (DU) in the BD 480 Plus marks a significant leap in efficiency, offering customers increased productivity and reduced manpower requirements.

Key Features of the BD 480 Plus:

Automatic Doffer Units (DU): The incorporation of two automatic doffer units streamlines the package change process, optimizing operational efficiency.

Energy-Saving Under-Pressure System: The BD 480 Plus is designed with an innovative under-pressure system, contributing to energy conservation and sustainability efforts.

Burmaster BM2+ Piecing System: Ensures excellent piecing quality, enhancing overall machine performance.

Joint Spinning In (JSI) Technology: Enables rapid machine start-up post power cut, ensuring uninterrupted production cycles.

Saurer remains committed to advancing the textile industry with cutting-edge technology. The BD 480 Plus exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art machinery that aligns with evolving industry needs.


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