Shahrokh Carpet Company’s Insights for Domotex Middle East Exhibition


Welcome to our exclusive interview with Shahrokh Carpet Company, a leading name in the carpet and flooring industry. With the highly anticipated Domotex Middle East exhibition on the horizon, we delve into Shahrokh Carpet Company’s perspectives and forecasts for this prestigious event.

  • Let’s begin by exploring the potential success of Domotex Dubai. Why do you believe this exhibition has the potential to be a game-changer?

Dubai’s stature as a global business hub, coupled with its track record of hosting renowned exhibitions, sets the stage for Domotex Dubai to thrive. While Dubai hosts successful textile exhibitions like Downtown Design and Clothing and Textile Exhibition, a specialized carpet and flooring showcase has been lacking. With Domotex’s reputable presence in the industry and the participation of esteemed players like Oriental Weavers and Merinos Turkey, alongside other reputable manufacturers, we anticipate Domotex Dubai to surpass expectations.

  • Moving on to the potential of the UAE and the broader region in the carpet and flooring sector, how do you assess it?

The UAE’s carpet and flooring imports totaled approximately $243 million in 2022. Considering Iran’s significant exports to the UAE, particularly as a destination for stock goods, the UAE emerges as a pivotal market for carpet machinery. Dubai’s strategic location, extensive air connectivity, efficient e-government services, and streamlined customs procedures position it as a gateway to the Arab world and North Africa. Moreover, with the region’s carpet and flooring market projected to reach $14.55 billion by 2030, driven by robust construction activities in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Jordan, the demand for luxury carpets is poised to escalate.

  • Impressive growth projections. Lastly, how do you view the prospects of Iranian carpet producers, both machine-made and handwoven, in exploring new markets?

Iran’s machine-made carpet exports have shown a gradual increase, reaching around $300 million in recent years. While the domestic market for machine-made carpets in Iran faces stagnation, there is untapped potential in venturing into new markets. Unlike competitors like Turkey, which benefit from government-supported business delegations, Iranian companies encounter restrictions on outbound trade missions. Despite efforts to modernize production processes, traditional methods remain prevalent due to existing infrastructure and consumer preferences. Participating in exhibitions presents a prime opportunity for Iranian machine-made carpet manufacturers to showcase their offerings and engage with potential customers seeking quality and authenticity.


As our discussion with Shahrokh Carpet Company concludes, it is evident that Domotex Middle East holds immense promise for industry players seeking to capitalize on the region’s burgeoning carpet and flooring market. With Dubai’s dynamic business environment and the collective efforts of exhibitors, the stage is set for a successful showcase of innovation, craftsmanship, and opportunity. We eagerly anticipate the contributions of companies like Shahrokh Carpet Company in shaping the future landscape of the carpet and flooring industry in the Middle East and beyond.


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