Tétris Design & Build Transforms Carden Nursery & Primary School with Neuro-Inclusive Design

Tétris Design & Build Transforms Carden Nursery & Primary School

The winds of change swept through Carden Nursery & Primary School in Brighton, UK, as Tétris Design & Build embarked on a mission in October, aiming to revolutionize a therapy room into a haven of neuro-inclusivity. Their pursuit was not merely a design endeavor but a quest to elevate awareness about the significance of neuro-inclusive spaces. An intriguing competition was launched to discover the ultimate neuro-inclusive blueprint for this room, culminating in the crowning of Tétris Design & Build’s talented trio—designers Lucy Rees, Elizabeth Loizou, and Marek Krzynowek—as the victors on November 22nd.

Fulfilling the Vision: Demands and Concept

The mandate was clear—to craft a sensory-friendly sanctuary adaptable for children aged 3 to 10. This included a neuro-inclusive spatial design incorporating sensory elements and flexible furniture. Tétris’ winning concept, “The Five Senses,” ingeniously focused on touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. It was a conscientious attempt to address the nuances of over- or under-stimulation in these sensory domains for neurodivergent children. The design aimed not only to mitigate these issues but also to nurture cognitive development, self-esteem, and emotional well-being.

Inspiration from Nature: Moodboard and Zoning

At the heart of Tétris’ transformative design stands an enchanting tree—a symbol of their biophilic approach. The concept resonates with the beauty of nature, integrating calming elements like caves, waterfalls, natural lighting, diverse textures, and soothing sounds. This biophilic design intends to sway the children’s moods positively.

The room was cleverly zoned into three distinct spaces—quiet, reflective, and interactive—each tailored to accommodate specific sensory needs. From nesting furniture to sensory boxes and a ball pit, the zones were crafted to provide solace, transitional moments, and communal play, ensuring a diverse sensory experience.

Crafting the Canvas: Floor Plan and Sensory Elements

The canvas was curated with soothing natural colors and soft flooring strategically arranged to demarcate zones, enhancing the atmosphere and ensuring safety. This thoughtful choice not only contributed to aesthetics but also prioritized safety, acoustics, and indoor air quality.

Tétris Design & Build Transforms Carden Nursery & Primary School

Tétris incorporated sensory elements and adaptable furniture like interchangeable seating, caves for hiding, and soft toys doubling as seating, creating a safe, welcoming environment where children can be themselves.

An Enchanted Future

In essence, Tétris Design & Build’s neuro-inclusive marvel promises an enchanting transformation for Carden Nursery & Primary School. The design amalgamates an enchanted forest theme, well-defined zones, warm colors, and soft flooring to create a calming haven. The implementation of flexible furniture and sensory elements caters to the unique needs of children, enhancing their well-being and fostering positive experiences. The eagerly awaited realization of this transformative design holds the promise of a brighter future for neurodivergent children.


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