DANCALIA: A Rug Masterpiece by Abreham Brioschi for Milan Design Week 2024

Unveiling DANCALIA: A Captivating Rug Design by Abreham Brioschi for NODUS

NODUS is thrilled to announce the debut of “DANCALIA,” a stunning rug creation by renowned designer Abreham Brioschi, set to make its debut at the prestigious 2024 Milan Design Week. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, DANCALIA showcases Brioschi’s deep connection to his Ethiopian roots and his artistic interpretation of the mesmerizing Danakil Depression.

Crafted from luxurious wool and meticulously hand-knotted in Nepal using the Tibetan knot technique, DANCALIA is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. Measuring 250 cm in diameter (irregular), this captivating rug features a pile height ranging from 10 to 20 mm, ensuring both visual appeal and tactile comfort.

Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of the Danakil Depression, characterized by its salt flats, active volcanoes, and sulphurous geysers, DANCALIA mesmerizes with its vibrant color palette. Drawing from the region’s natural hues of green, yellow, cobalt, and red, Brioschi has masterfully translated the essence of the Danakil into a piece of functional art.

In describing his inspiration behind DANCALIA, Abreham Brioschi shares, “The Danakil is one of the most inhospitable yet fascinating places on Earth. With DANCALIA, I sought to capture the raw beauty of this landscape and reinterpret it as a warm and inviting design element for interior spaces. Warm colors symbolize family and home for me, and I wanted to infuse that sense of comfort into this otherwise harsh environment.”

DANCALIA is part of the esteemed NODUS High Design Rug collection and represents a harmonious blend of cultural heritage, artistic expression, and contemporary design. With a delivery time of four months, this exceptional rug is poised to captivate visitors at the Milan Design Week with its unparalleled beauty and storytelling prowess.


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