Wool Month 2023: Embrace Warmth and Sustainability


The Campaign for Wool is uniting its supporters in a grand celebration of Wool Month 2023 throughout October. Formerly known as Wool Week until 2021, this annual event has now expanded to a month-long festivity, responding to the increasing demand for sustainable, natural fibers and the ever-growing support from enthusiasts.

A wide spectrum of industry participants, including farmers, processors, weavers, designers, manufacturers, and brands, will actively engage in a series of pop-up events, all aimed at enlightening the public about the myriad advantages of wool compared to synthetic materials.

The theme for this year, ‘Keep Warm With Wool,’ is particularly fitting given the recent fluctuations in energy costs. Wool’s versatility extends far beyond clothing, encompassing applications such as insulation, floor coverings, interior furnishings, rugs, throws, fabrics, and, of course, apparel. Wool proves itself as an intelligent and adaptable fiber, characterized by durability and suitability for a vast array of products and end uses.



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