Zollanvari Unveils Three Exquisite Handwoven Art Pieces at Inaugural Carpet Diem Paris

zolanvari carpet sample

Zollanvari, a leading name in the world of handwoven carpets, is set to showcase three remarkable pieces of art at the premier edition of Carpet Diem Paris, scheduled from November 10-12, 2023. Collaborating with renowned brands such as Art and Loom, Balmaceda Estudio, Bomat, cc-tapis, and others, Zollanvari aims to make a significant impact at this prestigious event.

Joining a distinguished lineup of exhibitors, including Knots Rugs, Nanimarquina, and Toulemonde Bochart, Zollanvari will present three signature pieces that exemplify design creativity, execution excellence, and exceptional production quality.

1. Ikebana Kyoto from Zollanvari Studio: A Tribute to Japan’s Influence

Zollanvari Studio’s Ikebana Kyoto pays homage to Japan, drawing inspiration from late 19th-century Japanese trends that influenced Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements globally. Featuring a pelt-like ground with a touch of Persian magic, this design beautifully merges Japanese aesthetics with the uniqueness of Persian tribal and contemporary weaving.

2. Soltan 6 from The Lion Collection: A Diamond Jubilee Marvel

Part of The Lion Collection, Soltan 6 captivates with its naturalistic portrayal of a lion’s head amid blooming hydrangeas and giant peonies. Studio NOV24 Vienna’s creation is inspired by Persian cultural depictions of lions, including the imagery of Anahita, the ancient Persian goddess. The design also incorporates influences from Chinese art, 19th/20th-century Persian carpets, and modern runway trends, resulting in a contemporary carpet design with deep cultural roots.

3. Squares Revisited from the Designer Flatweaves Collection: A Gabbeh-Inspired Gem

Zollanvari Studio introduces Squares Revisited, a signature baneh kelim crafted in vertical strips and sewn together. Drawing inspiration from south Persian Gabbeh art, this design combines multicolored squares within-squares and irregular horizontal stripes to create a modern yet bewitching look. Inspired by the work of German Abstract painter Josef Albers, this kelim showcases Zollanvari’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in weaving traditions.

Reza Zollanvari, CEO of Zollanvari International, expresses the brand’s commitment to innovation: “We have never shied away from trying something new, pushing the boundaries. We are always innovating, finding inspiration in weaving traditions from across the globe, but always giving the designs the Zollanvari twist.”

Visit Zollanvari’s exhibit at Carpet Diem Paris to experience the fusion of tradition and innovation in these extraordinary handwoven art pieces.


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